New practice for filing Company Forms at the Cyprus Registrar of Companies

Registrar has changed the practice as to filing Company Forms for Effecting Changes in Officer’s names and Particulars – Transfer of Shares of Private Company – Change of Registered Office.

 On 25/02/2013 the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver via an announcement indicated that the practice as to filing company forms in regards the following forms has been modified:

(A)  Effecting changes in officer’s names and particulars (Form C4)

(B) Transfer of shares of a private company (Form C57)

(C) Change of Registered office (Form C2)

According the new practice, the three forms above, in order to be accepted must be accompanied by a certification from the company’s Secretary that the changes are in accordance with the Register which is kept at the registered office of the company.

In case of notification of the resignation and appointment of a new Secretary the certification must be executed/signed by the resigning Secretary with the new Secretary and their names and surnames must be written in full.

In the case where the resigning Secretary cannot be located or does not sign for any reason the aforementioned certificate, the Registrar of Companies reserves the right to request any additional particulars/documents in order to justify that the change actually took place.





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