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Cyprus’ development into an international maritime center began in 1963 when the government offered the first incentives to encourage ship ownership and registration of vessels under the Cyprus flag.

With the accession of Cyprus to the European Union and in order to harmonise with EU Directives, Cyprus has ratified extensive range of international conventions on matters such as maritime security and safety.

The Cyprus flag has seen unprecedented success in the last few years, rising to a position of prominence in international shipping. This was due to the country’s excellent geographical position, the significant number of bilateral treaties for the avoidance of double taxation concluded by Cyprus and the favourable taxation regime, which has been maintained even after the accession to the European Union.

Our team provides consultation on various commercial shipping contracts, guidance on the procedure of vessel registration and on compliance with the rules and guidelines of the Shipping Deputy Ministry of Cyprus. Further services that we offer include ship registration under the Cyprus flag, ship building and repair contracts and ship management agreements.