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Compliance / AML Services

Our team of lawyers provides outsourced compliance services in order to deliver risk and compliance advisory and consultancy services. The aim of this service is to ensure that you remain compliant with the rules and regulations of the local authorities. Our services are focusing mostly on regulatory and standard compliance.

Our Services:

  • Training and mentoring or ad/hoc support for an existing in-house Compliance/AML function
  • Assisting in preparation for regulatory risk assessments or responding to enforcement proceedings
  • Conducting mock interviews to prepare individuals for authorisation by the local regulator
  • Compliance and AML focused audits, reviews or special projects
  • Creating mandatory compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorist financing materials
  • Delivering all aspects of compliance and AML training as required by the regulator
  • Provision of guidance to the firm’s ability to meet local regulatory requirements
  • Assisting to a firm’s policies, procedures, systems and controls
  • Advising on the set-up of the compliance function and creating a strong compliance culture

GDPR Services

Our firm offers full-service of GDPR legal consultancy. Our goal is to assisting business and organisations to achieve adequate compliance in relation with the GDPR. Our team of experts offers extensive legal guidance which contributes to the minimization and mitigation of the risks. Legal skills are essential in order to assess the legal basis on which the personal data processing is taking place as per the GDPR. By complying with the GDPR the market opportunities become wider and lead to business growth and success hence it builds brand loyalty and trust with your customers.

Our services:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Management and Employee Awareness/Training sessions on GDPR
  • Legal Advise
  • Drafting and reviewing legal arrangements such processors and controllers agreements
  • Developing tailored and practical solutions based on your Company’s needs
  • Updating policies and procedures in relation to privacy and IT security
  • Advising in regard to the creation of record of activities