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George Y. Yiangou LLC is one of the most reputable firms in the Corporate, M&A and Commercial business “arena”. Our practice in Cyprus includes a full range of services from the set-up of a company to its termination, together with its continuous administration.

The firm has successfully handled a significant number of commercial and corporate transactions involving the structuring of complex mergers and acquisitions. Our work is specifically valued by our clients for the integrated approach we apply: we offer legal and business support correlated with professional advice on taxation matters and we are also able to undertake the financial related issues – such a combination of services resulting in the best possible and effective solutions for our clients.

Our team will advise and assist you in setting up a company in Cyprus or in other jurisdictions with the exact structure and features that correspond to your requirements in the most efficient way possible. A company registered with us is guaranteed to benefit from excellent administration and annual services, which include a full range of trustee, fiduciary and secretarial services. We also handle the completion of management tasks linked to capital increases, equity contributions, differentiation of class rights, transfers of shares, restructuring and insolvency services.

Our firm represents a large number of local, multinational and foreign companies. Our practice manages a full range of corporate services from start to completion of the incorporation process. We have a great team of lawyers with great educational backgrounds and solid experience in the market who are able to provide, among others, accurate advice on drafting, negotiating and implementing shareholders’ agreements, on incorporating shareholders’ agreements in the Articles of Association of companies, on companies’ management and annual operation, including capital increases, equity contribution, differentiation of class rights.

Our firm, apart from Cyprus, also fully services a selected number of other jurisdictions such as: the UK, BVI, Seychelles, Belize, Panama, Dubai, Hong Kong

We also offer bank introduction and bank account opening services for individuals, companies and other legal persons.

George Y. Yiangou LLC holds extensive expertise on the creation of a wide spectrum of trust structures from very simple bare trusts to more complicated discretionary trusts.

Our lawyers will undertake with complete confidentiality the formation and administration of a Cyprus International Trust which includes:

  • Services of corporate Trustee
  • Services of Protectors
  • Family asset protection and inheritance advising
  • Opening, administering and monitoring all bank accounts
  • Liaising with fund managers for the operation of investment accounts
  • Making distributions to the beneficiaries

Our firm can help with the creation of an international collective investment scheme by assisting with:

  • The constitutional documentation and the offering memorandum of the scheme
  • The application of the scheme for recognition by the Central Bank of Cyprus
  • The offering of administrative services to the scheme

George Y. Yiangou LLC has participated in a significant number of merger & acquisition transactions in Cyprus and abroad. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • The structuring and control of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • M&A finance
  • Drafting and negotiating joint venture agreement, subscription and shareholders agreements
  • Share and asset management
  • Leveraged and management buyouts
    General legal advice on corporate, regulatory, securities, competition, labour matters and enforcement matters
    Legal, financial and tax due diligence.

The firm is experienced in cross border transactions going through Cyprus, involving entities which in most of the cases are part of wider tax planning, corporate consolidation or secured financing structures. We are here for our clients in order to ensure that risks are minimized and returns maximized.

Our services involve:

  • The review and/or draft the various agreements and ancillary documentation,
  • Advice on a wide spectrum of issues including tax, securities, corporate and other concerns
  • The drafting and/or reviewing of joint venture agreements
  • Conducting due diligence
  • The reviewing and/or set up corporate structures and all related matters
  • Developing alternative deal structures that maximize long-term returns

George Y Yiangou LLC also offers re-domiciliation services to Companies which decide to transfer/migrate their Company’s “seat” to other jurisdictions. Redomiciliation is preferred where another jurisdiction presents much more advantageous regime than the original jurisdiction in which the company was initially incorporated. The process of redomiciliation provides the benefit of the “continuity” without liquidating the Company or disrupting its business activities, since the steps which need to be undertaken are to change the registered address of the company and the governing law under which it operates.

The redomiciliation of Companies is a service which is offered by our firm with utmost care and efficiency to private and public companies, provided that their memorandum of association/constitution, allows redomiciliation.