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We can assist both individual and corporate clients with various types of immigration requests, aiming to provide guidance and solutions as per the individual needs and according to the latest policies of the Migration Department.

Our Immigration Services include but are not limited to:

  • Immigration Compliance and Consultation
  • Entry procedures for the purpose of residence in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Registration and issuance of a permanent residence permit of E.U./ E.E.A. citizens and members of their families
  • Registration of foreign interest companies
  • Cyprus Permanent Residency [Category 6 (2)]
  • Acquisition/Renewal of a Temporary Residence Permit in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Acquisition of Cypriot citizenship due to Cypriot Origin, marriage or civil union to Cyprus citizen, as well as due to years of residence in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Embassy Services (i.e. issuance for a Schengen visa etc.)

Our legal team is also authorised to provide you with further guidance in case your application has been declined.

Feel free to contact our legal team, if you require any further information.