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George Y. Yiangou LLC has long experience in medical law, representing doctors and patients in and out of court. Medical negligence is the most common claim in medical law and such cases require special treatment by experienced legal staff specializing in handling such cases.

In order to proceed with a medical negligence complain in cases of both doctors and patients, one must take the following into consideration:

  • The case is unlikely to go through without having the required evidence. That is why it is so important that records of absolutely everything in regards to the case are maintained regardless of how unimportant they may seem. The kind of proof needed will be records, notes, correspondence, and expert medical opinions. Our medical negligence claims team can help clients collate this evidence.
  • In most cases of medical negligence, the process leading up to a trial can take somewhere between eighteen months to three years and sometimes longer.

Documents that could help prove medical negligence are:

  • Medical records including X-rays and ultrasounds
  • Photographs
  • Detailed statements from the claimant
  • Witness statements (these can be from family and friends)
  • Financial evidence
  • Reports from medical experts that can be used as evidence

Our lawyers can assess the details of the client’s claim quickly to understand if a case can be made. Advisors will want to understand if there is proof of negligence, as this ensures that the case qualifies for a claim.

If you are wondering whether your case falls under the application of medical law contact us for legal advice.