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Our firm’s real estate team deals with all matters related to immovable property, ranging from advice and negotiations on the terms of acquisitions, sales, transfers or financing (and all relevant matters) to disputes involving commercial and residential property.

We advise both individuals and corporate clients on matters such as:

  • Advance legal due diligence to ensure the property’s status
  • Negotiation, drafting and/or reviewing of sale and purchase Contracts, as well as lease and rental agreements
  • Acquisition of property by non-residents in Cyprus
  • Property management for non-residents
  • Wills, probate and re-sealings and estate administration
  • Trespassing issues and violations to the right of private property enjoyment
  • The right of use and lease violations and terminations, and methods of obtaining vacant possession from tenants
  • Landlords’ obligations towards tenants
  • Professional negligence actions for wrongful surveys given by valuers, and management claims against management companies
  • Neighbor disputes – such as rights to access, rights to light, nuisance and boundaries issues
  • Obtaining bank finance for property purchases

We also represent clients before the Inland Revenue (for stamp duties calculation and payment) and before the Cyprus Land Registry (for registering the contract of sale) as well as before domestic authorities for ensuring successful authorization in order to register the property under sale to our clients’ names.